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Georgi Gospodinov


Born in 1968 in Yambol, Bulgaria, Georgi Gospodinov is a poet, writer of prose, essayist and playwright. His Natural Novel (1999) brought attention to him as a writer, which is how he gained a strong following in Bulgaria and wider international recognition, appearing in over 20 languages. In 2014, his novel Physik der Schwermut ('The Physics of Sorrow') was first published in 2012 then translated into German in 2014, published by Droschl. The work was shortlisted for the Brücke Berlin Prize and also the Literature prize, given by the Haus der Kulturen die Welt in Berlin. Notably, in 2016 this novel was also awarded the highly respected Swiss literary Jan Michalski prize.

Gospodinov has written two plays, the second of which, Die Apokalypse kommt um 6 Uhr abends ('The Apocalypse comes at 6 o'clock in the evening'), won the Bulgarian Asker prize in 2010 for the best play of the year.
His most recent book to be published in German is 8 Minuten und 19 Sekunden (Literaturverlag Droschl, 2016).
Georgi Gospodinov was a guest at the Berlin Artists Program of the DAAD 2008-9 and received a scholarship from the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin in 2012.

In the summer semester of 2015, he taught Creative Writing at the Humboldt University, Berlin.
The film of his short story, Die blinde Vayscha, was nominated for an Oscar in 2017 in the category: Best Animated Short Film.

The following works by Georgi Gospodinov, translated into German, are published by eta verlag:
Lapidarium (a bilingual book of poetry with exquisite illustrations by Gabi Bergmann),
Ein Fremder Freund (a compilation of short stories by 17 significant Bulgarian authors).

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